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What's is CANAAN

Learn in Canaan,
from Canaan to the world!

What is Canaan like?

Our goal is to "develop human resources who can play an active role in the world," and through Japanese language education, we aim not only to learn the Japanese language, but also to foster communication skills and the ability to think.

CANAAN'S Campus Life

Have fun with great teachers/friends!

Campus Life in Canaan

Canaan is a Japanese language school full of attractions. Among them, we will introduce 10 attractions that we are particularly focusing on. Let's have a fulfilling campus life while studying at Canaan!


So many fun events!

Various events such as sports tournaments, futsal tournaments, and speech contests are also held, and each event provides an opportunity to recognize the best of the best.





Student Voice

Student Voices

T.K.-sannative of Thailand

R.D. -sanFrom Cambodia

N.T.L.-sanFrom Vietnam

H.H.J.-sanSouth Korean national

P.P.P.-sanFrom Myanmar

T.Q.D.K. -sanFrom Vietnam

K.M.W.S.U.ABEYRATNE. -sanFrom Sri Lanka

N.H.H.-sanFrom Vietnam